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You know about business but not nearly enough to prevent all of the bad things from happening. You keep buying classes and programs and books hoping this will be the one! Time and time again you think you've found the answer and it never is. You keep asking yourself: "WHY can't I get this?"

On top of that, this business stuff is LONELY and making connections is tough. You are looking for a safe, intimate space to share your ideas, get feedback, and mastermind about your next big thing. Oh and you would like that WITHOUT the 30,000 dollar price tag to match.

You are good at what you do and you LOVE it but you it's driving you INSANE. As much as you don't want a BOSS to tell you what to do, a some friendly, supportive accountability would be nice. You find yourself doing less and less of the things you really love and more of the other stuff. You don't love all of your clients. You are afraid to look at your bank account (even though you KNOW it's not that bad).

You are constantly forgetting the important stuff. You miss emails, those invoices fall through the cracks and you aren't sure why it takes you SO long to do even the simplest of things.

...It's time to get Fresh!

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Amber McCue
Amber McCue

Amber McCue, Business Operations Expert, studied Organization Development in Johns Hopkins’ MBA program, and Founder of NiceOps, a modern business management and operations consultancy based out of Annapolis, Maryland.

McCue is the creator of several noteworthy programs & courses for successful, busy, and first-time business owners, including her signature How to Clone Yourself (which accomplishes exactly as it sounds, sans sheep), the long-term hands-on program Freshly Implemented, where she acts as an outsourced COO for struggling small business owners, and her latest and greatest development, CEO School, a brand new way for smart business owners to stop letting their business run the show, and start running the show for themselves, instead.

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CEO School
CEO Mindset. Entreprenurial Lifestyle.
Amber McCue
12 payments of $97/month
The Planathon 2017
Don't go into 2017 clueless. Plan now and celebrate later!
Amber McCue
The Vault
Welcome to the Vault. Your new secret weapon. ​
Amber McCue

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